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Benefits of wearing silk close to your skin.

Breathability and thermal regulation. Silk is a lightweight, breathable fabric, which means it
reduces the risk of overheating when you’re going about your day.
Silk is good at maintaining your body temperature which means it can help you feel cool in hot
weather and warm in the cold. Do you prefer a fabric that’s both thin and a good insulator?
Elasticity. Silk clothes are good at keeping their shape. Silk is flexible and has some
elasticity to it which allows it to pull itself back into shape after stretching – to some extent.
Absorbency. Silk is absorbent. Water weakens the fibers, though, so treat your silk carefully
when washing it. If you’re using a fabric conditioner, you’ll want something gentle.
Drying speed. Silk is fast drying which makes it highly practical when managing your laundry or
just going about your day-to-day business.
Shine. Silk fibers are smooth and straight, smoother to the touch and shinier to the eye, with an
altogether luxurious feel.